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Learned Espinosa

Learned Espinosa

Learned takes great pride in representing the interests of injured individuals and getting them back on the road to recovery.

During the first decade of his legal career, Learned honed his litigation skills defending private corporations and public entities in personal injury matters, including defending the Los Angeles Metro. Transportation Authority (MTA) in automobile vs. bus accidents. His knowledge of defense arguments and strategies has proven to be invaluable in resolving cases and achieving the best possible recovery when prosecuting the very same types of cases he previously defended. No matter the size of the case, Learned treats his clients with respect and empathy, and is always personally available to them.

In additional to his personal injury practice, Learned represents social media talent and management agencies in negotiating contracts with retail, cosmetic, health and beauty product brands, agencies, merchandising companies and multi-channel digital networks.

Learned is licensed to practice law in both California and Nevada.

  • B.S Degree in Business Administration, with emphasis on Business Law in 2001
  • J.D. Degree from Loyola Law School in 2007

About Us

GP Law Group was established by founding partners, David Gharakhanian, Jr. and Manee Pazargad; long-time friends, colleagues and classmates throughout their joint studies in college and law school. After honing their legal skills at separate highly respected mid-sized insurance defense firms, they decided to rejoin forces and start their own law firm. Their strong bond and long-established foundation make them a successful legal team. The law partners set up shop in Beverly Hills in 2011 and have not looked back since.

In 2015, the firm had the pleasure of adding Dirk L. Gustafson, a seasoned and outside-the-box litigator, to the roster.

In 2019, the firm had the pleasure of adding Learned Espinosa, who brings with him a wealth of experience in the field of personal injury. Prior to joining the team, Learned spent over a decade defending clients such as the Los Angeles County Metropolitan

Transportation Authority, Hertz Rental Car, and Target in personal injury lawsuits. Learned’s past experience as a defense attorney gives him a competitive advantage and unique perspective in the handling of cases on behalf of plaintiffs. This wealth of experience and knowledge of defense strategies and arguments has proven to be invaluable in resolving cases and securing the best possible outcome for clients.

In 2020, after a decade in Beverly Hills, GP Law Group moved its offices to the Encino Law Center, located in Encino.
GP Law Group specializes in PERSONAL INJURY matters, including but not limited to automobile accidents, cycling accidents, motorcycling accidents, pedestrian accidents, and premises liability matters.