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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

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It comes as no surprise to most when they hear that California is one of the top states for registered motorcycles on the road. With miles of beautiful coastline, great weather year-round, and ample opportunities to ride with others, motorcycles constantly share the road with other vehicles. Unfortunately, other vehicle drivers do not always look out for motorcycles, and as a result motorcycle accidents have been on the rise in recent years. As a motorcycle driver or passenger, it is important to know the most common causes of motorcycle accidents and how to minimize your chances of being struck by another vehicle on the roadway. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, call or contact the GP Law Group today to schedule a free consultation of your case with an expert in California personal injury law.

Failure to Obey Rules of the Road

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is the failure of other vehicles to obey the rules of the road. Speeding causes many accidents with motorcycles every year when drivers exceeding the speed limit cannot stop their vehicles in time to avoid a crash. Failure to signal or look before changing lanes also causes a number of accidents with motorcycles every year, as motorcycles are small enough to fall into a driver’s blind spot in their larger vehicle if they fail to check the lane first. Vehicles passing in no passing lanes also causes accidents with motorcycles, as the victims of the crash are not expecting a larger vehicle to pass at that time.

Problems Behind the Wheel 

Problems behind the wheel of a larger vehicle are also common causes of accidents with motorcycles in California every year. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs sadly contributes to many motorcycle accidents every year when drivers lack the cognitive and motor function to avoid crashing into motorcycles on the road. Driving while drowsy is also a common cause of accidents with motorcycles, especially when it comes to drivers of large commercial trucks. With demanding hours and long hauls, some truck drivers sadly drive while tired on a regular basis. Some studies have equated drowsy driving with the same delayed function of driving drunk, and sadly this can come at the cost of injuries to motorcyclists on the road. 

Distracted driving behind the wheel of cars, trucks, and other larger vehicles is also a common cause of motorcycle accidents. Playing with the radio, texting and driving, or being distracted by others in the vehicle can cause drivers to take their eyes off of the road and fail to see a motorcycle sharing the road with them.


Negligent Stopping and Turning

Negligent actions while stopping or turning also lead to many accidents with motorcycles in California. When drivers of cars and trucks hit their brakes unexpectedly, it can cause accidents with motorcycles behind them. Accidents also happen with cars and motorcycles when a car stops unexpectedly in an intersection or fails to adhere to the rules of the road when multiple vehicles are stopped at an intersection at the same time. However, even more accidents occur with motorcycles due to negligent turning by drivers of cars, trucks, and other larger vehicles.


When a driver of a larger vehicle fails to signal a turn, the results can be devastating for a motorcyclist. While fewer accidents occur when a driver fails to signal a right turn, countless accidents with motorcycles happen every year in California because of negligent left hand turning by cars and trucks. Typically, in this situation, a driver of a car will fail to signal and turn left into an intersection. Many motorcycles have been broadsided by these vehicles during a negligent turn. Given the lack of protection that a motorcyclist has compared to the driver and passengers of a larger vehicle, the injuries to the motorcyclist are often far more severe.


Motorcycle Defects

One final common cause of motorcycle accidents is motorcycle defects. Defects at the manufacturer level can cause devastating crashes out on the road. A motorcyclist needs every part of the machine working correctly in order to avoid accidents on the roadway. Defects in the brakes, turn signals, tires, and transmission can all lead to accidents and devastating injuries. When an accident is caused by a motorcycle defect, oftentimes the manufacturer, retailer, and others can all be held strictly liable for the damages caused in an accident.


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